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Spangled Emperor

Information about Spangled Emperor

Spangled emperor are a member of the emperor and sea bream family, and are found in tropical waters. Spangled Emperors being a member of the Emperor family are a famously renowned eating fish. Spangled Emperor also put up a tough fight as they have a broad powerful tail and are also very solid.

Spangled Emperor are a very pretty fish being a golden bronze in colour with stunning pastel blue lines radiating from the eyes and over the cheek. They also have larger blue spots over the upper body. Spangled Emperor are commonly encountered ranging in size from 30 – 60 cm but sometimes can reach in excess of 80cm and weigh up to 10kg.

Spangled Emperor fight really hard for their size, and are famous for their first massive run when hooked. They are aggressive feeders and sometimes take baits close to the surface. They tend to be found near coral bommies, coral reef lagoons and sandy areas. Spangled Emperor are often caught in deeper water too. They can be hard fish to catch because if there is a hole or ledge to get into, these fish will do their level best to bury you in the coral. Plus when combined with that first massive run, they also like to give you a massive head shake. If you can get one of these up and onto the boat you won’t be sorry.