Gold spot
Gold spot

Information about Gold Spot Cod

Gold Spot Cod are a reasonably common catch during the summer months in North Queensland. The Gold Spot Cod has a tan coloured back, which fades into a whitish belly. As the name suggests the Gold Spot Cod has numerous small  spots on its  head, body, and fins . When the Gold Spot Cod is taken out of the water and exposed to the air these spots turn brown in colour.  The Gold Spot Cod also has five faint dark bars on its side.

Gold Spot Cod are commonly caught offshore in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to a depth of 100 metres. We encounter them when we are fishing on Norseman, usually when we are fishing deep water for Large Mouth Nannygai.
Gold Spot Cod can get quite big, reaching over 1.4 metres in length and weighing hundreds of kilos. On Norseman we usually catch Gold Spot Cod around the 10- 20 kilo mark.

Gold Spot Cod can put up a hell of a fight sometimes starting off with an explosive strike and busting you off in a heartbeat. Or they can feel like a  dead weight on the end of your line. Gold Spot Cod have a huge mouth and often open it wide to try to get rid of the hook – some fishermen say that when they do this, it feels like you are fighting a bucket!

The other great thing about gold Spot Cod is that they are absolutely delicious to eat. Firm white fillets with a beautiful flavour- the Trawler fishermen call them the “chicken of the sea”.