norseman coral trout
Coral Trout

Information about Coral Trout

Despite the name Coral Trout, Coral Trout are members of the Serranidae family of fish, so not related to Trout at all… and we commonly catch them on our day trips reef fishing with Norseman. The Coral Trout derives its name from its appearance, as it does look similar to a fresh water trout. But that is pretty much where the similarity ends.

Coral Trout are also tropical species of reef fish, plentiful in our waters. They are probably one of the best eating fish there is to have up in North Queensland having soft delicate white flesh. Coral Trout are also a prized fish for celebrating Chinese New Year. Once eaten, never forgotten!

The Coral Trout is a spectacular looking fish, varying from dark crimson to light pink/grey in colour with electric blue spots. There are lots of variations in colouration within each species of Coral Trout.

Coral Trout have large dog- like teeth and are very aggressive feeders. They are usually caught while “bottom bouncing” the coral bommies. They like to lurk underneath a coral bommie and attack their prey from below. Coral Trout typically live in waters ranging from 10-30 meters.

The commercial fishermen that target Coral Trout use hand lines, as these fish go a bit berserk when hooked and love to try and bury you in the coral. The hand line allows you to get the fish up quicker before that can happen!