norseman bludger trevally
Bludger trevally

Information about Bludger Trevally

Bludger Trevally are members of the Jack or Trevally family. Bludger Trevally inhabit tropical waters off shore and rocky coral reefs, where they prey on small crabs, prawns and fish.

Bludger Trevally are considered a good sport fish fish but are generally regarded as not the best table fish owing to the soft oily flesh,. However they are good to make fish cakes or ceviche out of, or to smoke. Bludger Trevally often school and when we are fishing on Norseman and we hit a mob of Bludgers… things go a bit crazy on the back deck!

Bludger Trevally can get to a decent size too- up to at least 90cm and weighing 14kg. You can imagine that a fish that size puts up a pretty good fight! Bludger Trevally also are good to use as bait because of the oily flesh. On Norseman we encounter Bludger Trevally quite frequently – normally around the 3-6kg mark.

These fish have a body shape that is very similar to the Yellowspotted Trevally, and as a general rule are more elongated than most Trevally species.
Smaller Bludger Trevally tend to be common in schools, where as when the fish get larger in size they become more solitary.