Spanish mackerel
Spanish mackerel

Information about Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel are one of the greatest pelagic fish that we commonly catch on Norseman. They are very prevalent during our winter months between June and October especially. In the summer months when the wind is from the South East, we also catch Spanish mackerel. These fish can live for more than 20 years. They get big too.

Spanish Mackerel can grow up to a size of about 2.4m and can weigh more than 50kg. These fish have long, narrow bodies but they are all muscle. They are steel blue along the dorsal area and become silvery towards the centre of their bodies. They have a banded pattern with vertical bars running the length of their body. They are an incredibly fast and strong fish, and will really give you a work out if you hook one. They generally stay high in the water column and will take dead baits, live baits and floating live baits. Trolling for Spanish Mackerel also yields good results.

Spanish Mackerel are a spectacular fighting fish often putting on aerial displays when hooked. If you manage to catch one, it will be a fish you never forget!

They are also a tasty eating fish. Spanish Mackerel are voracious and opportunistic carnivores that cruise around the reef edges and drop off’s hunting smaller fish. They have an impressive set of razor sharp teeth and once on board the boat they have to be dispatched quickly.