Small-mouth Nannygai
Small-mouth Nannygai

Information about Small Mouth Nannygai

Small Mouth Nannygai are very similar in appearance to the Large Mouth Nannygai, but as the name suggests- have a smaller mouth and don’t get as big as the Large Mouth Nannygai do. Small Mouth Nannygai are also slimmer in body shape. They are a delicious eating fish… and we sometimes catch them on our day trips reef fishing with Norseman.

Small Mouth Nannygai are a tropical species of reef fish, found in the waters off Port Douglas. They are generally found in large schools in the deeper reef waters with a rubble bottom or near a grouping of bommies.

These fish are also found in shallow reefs extending out wide to the continental shelf.

Known also for being a schooling fish, Small Mouth Nannygai can be encountered in significant numbers as well.

They grow to an around 6 Kilos in weight and live in water depths ranging anywhere from 30 to 70 metres.
Small Mouth Nannygai are a prized table fish having delicious firm white flesh. Some people even say that the Small Mouth Nannygai tastes better than the Large Mouth Nannygai. The overall body colour of the Small Mouth Nannygai is a vivid reddish pink colour.