Red Emperor
Red Emperor

Information about Red Emperor

Red Emperor is one of Australia’s most highly regarded food fish, up there with the Coral Trout. It has beautiful firm white flesh, with large flakes and a delicate flavour. Red Emperor however, is not actually a true Emperor – it is a member of the Sea Perch and Snapper family of fish.

Red Emperor will give you a great work out, as they will fight HARD all the way to the boat. They have a broad powerful tail and very muscular body. The grow to over a metre in length and can reach weights in excess of 33kg. Red Emperor are a tough opponent when it comes to reef fish and it’s not uncommon to be wiped out by one if fishing with light tackle. Red Emperor will run hard and bust you off on the reef given the chance. The sheer size of these fish matched with their powerful head shaking and ability to fight from the bottom to the surface make them a worthy adversary for even the most fussy of anglers.
They are a very beautiful fish, being a vivid scarlet colour with slightly darker banding. The pink fins are tipped in bright crimson or red, and the fish usually has three distinctive darker red bands sweeping up the face and body to the pectoral fin.

The large mature adult fish frequent the deeper waters and channels during the cooler months in the tropics. Red Emperor generally inhabit depths between 10m to 140m. Juvenile fish inhabit inshore reefs, structures and gravel patches while the mature adults inhabit deeper offshore waters preferring coral reefs and adjacent sand areas, deep isolated reef and coral structures, as well as rubble.

Red Emperor will usually school together with similarly sized fish, if you manage to hook a few you can actually keep the school in your vicinity by your fishing activity.

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