Large mouth Nannygai
Large mouth Nannygai or Scarlet seaperch

Information about Large Mouth Nannygai

This beautifully coloured fish fights like a demon and is also a delicious eating fish… so we love catching them on Norseman.

Large Mouth Nannygai are a tropical species, plentiful in the waters off Port Douglas

These fish are found in different areas depending on their location on the coastline. Up here, they can be found in shallow reefs extending out very wide to the continental shelf.

Known for being a schooling fish they can be encountered in big schools and adapt to various depths and bottom structures.
Another interesting feature of these fish is that they roam and feed in the water column., however they are most commonly bottom feeders.Our crew have experienced these fish to be sometimes shy and picky about baits offered. You also have to be careful not to strike at the fish too early and “prick them” as these fish are also known to sook and go off the bite.

Large Mouth Nannygai fight extremely well and a big one will put in a very solid effort even on 80lb line!

They grow to an impressive 13 Kilos in weight and live in water depths ranging from 30 to 70 metres.
Large Mouth Nannygai are a prized table fish having firm white flesh. The overall body colour of the Large Mouth Nannygai is an intense red on the upper flanks which changes down the body to a more reddish pink colour around the belly area. The Large mouth Nannygai has a distinctive darker red saddle spot between the lower dorsal fin and caudal fin.