Fin Fish Closures


Fin Fish Closures are put in place to protect and sustain healthy fishing populations,  The Fin Fish Closures occur twice a year in usually October and November. It is believed that the Coral Reef fin fish are at their most vulnerable at this time during spawning.

The good news right now is that as of midnight on 30th November, Closures are OVER!

Normally our fishing mad crew go away barramundi fishing in the first round of Closures. Yes that’s right, our crew that fish for a living, go fishing on their time off!  But as Barramundi season is now closed, they couldn’t go up the bush.

What did we do instead of fishing?

For this latest round of Fin Fish Closures, Norseman took the opportunity to put our great boat up on the slipway. Skipper James had two beautifully shiny new propellers burning a hole in the shed! We also needed to clean the hull off for better fuel economy and speed. There were also a couple of other little jobs that needed attention. So during this round of closures, our crew worked super hard on our boat to get her tip top and ship shape again.

Once the yukky old antifoul was taken off, the crew repainted the hull. On the topsides, Bill and Mick put in new hand basins and did some other cosmetic procedures.

The boat is looking very good now, ready for a hopefully busy Christmas and New Years school holiday season.

Nobody likes taking anitfoul off or slaving away in 34 degree Celsius heat doing maintenance. Just goes to show what wonderful, dedicated crew we have. We are very proud of our crew. We would have nothing if not for them.

Fin Fish Closures end on 30th November 2016. This means that bright and early on December 1st our fabulous award winning crew will be doing what they love doing best… fishing on the Great Barrier Reef!

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