Reef Fishing - Your day with Norseman

Reef fishing with Norseman is a full day experience.

Boarding occurs at 8am from berth E11 at the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina in Port Douglas.

Depart for the reef at 8.15am to 8.30am.

Travel time to the reef is usually about and hour or so.

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef, our skipper selects the best sites for fishing based on tide and weather conditions.

Once at the reef our friendly crew will brief you on the best techniques to use.

Reef Fishing - What fish are we after?

Employing the use of either hand lines or rods we target table fish. Bottom bouncing with bait is very effective. Naturally we encounter species such as Large Mouth Nannygai and Coral Trout.

However sometimes all the excitement and activity in the water brings other fish such as Giant Trevally, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel.

Don’t turn your nose up at using a hand line. Professional Live Trout fishermen use hand lines to catch Coral Trout.

Using a hand line allows you to have better reaction time and hook the fish before they bury you in the coral.

Reef Fishing - How long do we get to fish?

Of course you get plenty of time to fish on a full day reef fishing tour with Norseman.

Our skipper will move the boat readily if you aren’t getting bites.

However, you DO need to eat! Lunch is provided for you inclusive in the fare price, as well as a delicious afternoon tea.

In addition, our fully licensed bar also has snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Generally speaking you get around 4.5 hours to fish on our full day tour.

Reef Fishing - What happens to the fish you catch?

Caught a few fish on your day with Norseman? The good news is you get to keep your own catch. If you caught it you keep it!

However if you manage to catch a no take species such as Barramundi Cod, Maori Wrasse or Chinaman Fish then we throw them back. Adhering to bag limits and size restrictions, undersized fish are also returned to the water.

Fish caught on the shared boat rod are shared with all guests. Gutted and gilled your catch of the day is bagged ready for you to take home. There are even a couple of restaurants in Port Douglas that will cook your fish for you for a nominal fee.

Returning to the Marina at around 4pm, you can also catch our courtesy shuttle bus back to your holiday accommodation.