Richmond Football Club fishing day


We had some very special guests charter Norseman for a day fishing on the reef. The Richmond Football Club Team were up north at Palm Cove for a pre-season training camp and decided to have a day off and come out fishing with us. We had some of the Richmond Football Club Team players, supporters and their sponsors on board for the day.

The Richmond Football Club Team were fortunate enough to be blessed with really good weather- Low winds and lot of sunshine. The weather and fishing gods really turned it on for them that day. The Richmond Football Club Team had a great day and caught some awesome fish including Large Mouth Nannygai, a couple of big Cobia and even a Rosy Jobfish. The boys from the Richmond Football Club Team were a pleasure to have on board, very easy to deal with and nice to be around.

Bashar organised the charter with us and even though he had a slow start to the day fishing wise, he ended up catching quite a few big fish later on in the day.

We figured that being young fit men that they would eat a fair bit so we ordered double the normal catering. We have never seen a group as good on the chew as them… normally we have left overs at the end of the day. Not when these boys were finished with us, that’s for sure! I guess they must have been training pretty hard and needed to refill their tanks!

The Richmond Football Club Team boys used a bit of energy pulling in some of those cracking big fish they caught, that’s a work out for the upper body as well.

All in all it was a great day fishing out with great sportsmen – we got some pretty cool pics too

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