Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures

coral reef fin fish closures

Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures

Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures are almost upon us. Twice a year the government applies Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures in order to protect the fish stocks and optimise spawning possibilities. As Norseman targets Coral Reef Fin Fish we do not operate our normal day tour during the Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures.

The dates for Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures this year run from 28th October 2016 to 1st November 2016. The second round of Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures runs from 26 November 2016 to 30 November 2016 inclusive. During these times, no fin fish are taken. This is because these times are when the scientists believe that the fish spawn. During spawning the fish aggregate in large numbers. Fin fish closures are put in place to protect the fish stocks for  future generations.

What are Fin Fish?

Fin Fish are fish species like Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Large Mouth Nannygai. These are all the fish species we target on our normal reef fishing tour. During the closures we take the boat off the run and send our crew for some well earned time off.

October and November tend to be the months of highest significance for closures to benefit coral reef fin fish populations.The closure area is from the tip of Cape York down to south of Bundaberg. Fishermen are not permitted to take and possess coral reef fin fish species during the allocated closure periods. The closures apply to recreational as well as professional fishermen.

The closures apply to coral reef fin fish only but there are many other fish species that can be caught at this time. Spanish Mackerel for example. Pelagic fish such as Billfish including Marlin species are still open for fishing.

Coral Reef Fin fish closures generally only preclude bottom fishing activities on the Great Barrier Reef.


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