Cooking fish caught on Norseman

cooking fish

Cooking fish you have caught aboard Norseman

Cooking fish that have been caught on Norseman is something that we can give you information about.

“How do I cook this?”

Nearly every day one of our guests ask the crew this question.  We understand that for a lot of our visitors, this may be the first time they have ever laid eyes on a large Mouth Nannygai or a Coral Trout.

We have decided to create a resource of recipes on our website for people wanting to know about cooking fish they catch.

There are a few ways you can go about cooking fish. It all boils down to what you caught and what your tastes are like. We will include a variety of ideas and recipes in separate blog posts.
Obviously there are loads of recipes for cooking fish. We will try to narrow down the best methods for cooking fish based on the fish species you have.

Cooking fish such as Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Large Mouth Nannygai

To fully appreciate the amazing taste of these fish, less is more. Keep it simple. Coat fresh fillets of the fish listed above in some seasoned flour, dust off excess, then pan fry in butter with a wedge of lemon. You can also crumb your fillets and fry.  Try your hand at a Beer Batter and fry your fish.

Cooking fish such as Spanish Mackerel, Gold Spot Cod and Trevally

You can prepare the firmer fleshed species above with more robust sauces and methods.  Spanish Mackerel is the “flake of the North”. If you go into a fish and chip shop you can almost always find Spanish Mackerel as a common option. It is also delicious battered or crumbed. Mackerel is great for fish curries. Firmer fleshed fish are also good for Thai Fish Cakes, Fish Tacos and Ceviche.

We hope you will be looking forward to some adventurous recipes for any budding cooks that want to try their hand at more exotic recipes.






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