A new look for an old face

Norseman's new bus
Norseman's new bus rear
Norseman’s new bus

Michael the new owner of Norseman has been making some more changes to improve the total experience of a fishing day with Norseman.

We have a new caterer providing a delicious lunch for us on Norseman. Let’s face it, it can be hard work fishing, you need to refill your tank. We found that in the past, our keen fishos weren’t that keen on a sit down lunch (as they didn’t want to waste potential fishing time), so we changed the lunch to be a more grab, eat and go type of option.

Of course you are welcome to relax over your lunch in our air conditioned saloon and enjoy your lunch too.

Our new caterer provides us with fresh bread rolls from the local baker, a selection of cold cuts including ham, beef, and chicken schnitzels. Build your own mega gourmet rolls with fresh salads, dressings and condiments. We also have added an afternoon Kabana, cheese and dip platter, the perfect nibble to have while enjoying a refreshing cold beer from our fully stocked licensed bar on the way home. It is the perfect way to end a hard days reef fishing after pulling in those big reef fish!

For this of you familiar with the boat, Norseman has always been a bit of a “Plain Jane” when it comes to appearances. Functionality always was a priority over appearance. Michael has started to give the boat, bus, brochure and website a bit of a makeover.

He has started with the bus first. Check out our bus. Can you get an idea of what the boat is going to look like when she is finished?

The boat is scheduled to be made over in February. Our hard working crew already have given her an anti foul and a fresh paint to get her ready for her new look.

Stay tuned for the big unveiling. We’re excited, hope you are too!

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